Alumni Bios

Amber Jackson '13

Amber, straight out of Bluegrass Nashville, is known 'round the world for her soulful voice and impeccable dedication to simply being enthusiastic...ALL THE TIME! Despite offers from from San Francisco to New York, Amber decided to impart some of her soul into the soul of Koleinu! Now in the group, she quickly rose to the rank of Expert Photographer, and now ensures that all of our Kmoments will never be lost. Despite her well-known enthusiastic persona in the group, it is rumored that Amber might actually be THE Jackie Amerson, the most secretive yet expert bowler in all of the land, but these rumors are as of yet unfounded...

Albert Chen '12

Didn't you know? Albert Chen is ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE, acapella style. Don't believe me? Close your eyes. Make a wish. Try singing it. Stop that. NOW, OPEN YOUR EYES!!! It's the magnificent, talented, beast-of-a-fourth year student Albert Chen, floating in on a sweet melodic breeze of Jewish Acapella. You're welcome.

Ben Cogan '12

Benjamin Cogan hails from the great city of New York, where he is currently advocating for the planting of pineapples and papaya across Central Park. Ben does not believe in cars as a moral form of transportation, and therefore walks to every one of his destinations. He currently holds the record for most miles walked, having trekked from Arviat, Nunavut, Canada, to Cancun, Mexico, successfully escaping two border patrols.
Favorite Color: Metallic Seaweed
Lucky Number: 702
Hobbies: Disc golf; knitting; memorizing prime numbers
Role Models: President Woodrow Wilson & Robert Pershing Wadlow (aka the Tallest Man on Earth - ever)
Academic Accomplishments: Extensive research on the existence of Bigfoot in Atkinson, Maine; the invention of a frosty machine for use in cars.

Rivka Cohen '12

Rivka is a bubbly butterfly who enjoys baking banana bread. She's also super baller (in other words awesome), and her goal in life is to paint the world in sunshine. Aside from singing melodious music, Rivka enjoys rock climbing and scuba diving and listens to hardcore country music -- think pickup trucks and cowboys herding horses through the pastures -- in her spare time. Rivka likes everything and everyone except for one thing -- sprinkles. She will not touch sprinkles -- not on doughnuts or cookies and not even in ice cream. But what she doesn't realize is that she basically is a sprinkle -- she sprinkles Koleinu with joy and laughter and beautiful singing!

Sarah Strenio '12

Sarah's silky sweet scintillating scandal-inducing shouting sources southerward
Always attacking attitudes after allowing atrocious antics
Rippling rivers resemble heR ravishing goodR looksR
And angels announce after an attempt at artificing a sArAh album:
Holy, holy, holy is the L-rd of hosts!...Also she's catholic, proud of it, and can't walk anymore since she dislocated her knee

Karen Azani '11

Karen Azani is a soprano from Los Angeles, California. She enjoys tap dancing, singing songs that don't contain any references to L.A., traveling to San Diego and realizing how much better it is than L.A., and leaving L.A. in general. She is pursuing a major in psychology, but the University, realizing Karen's passionate devotion to science and technology, has allowed her to major in texting as well. Karen is one of the nicest people in Koleinu, and she will never win any so-called "mean contest," period. Her cell phone provider, however, disagrees: It had to purchase ten supercomputers just to process her text messages.

Molly Silberberg '11

If Molly were a fruit, she would be the apple of your eye.
If Molly were a website, she would be at the top of your Favorites list.
If Molly were a harvestable grain, she would be the cream of the crop.
If Molly were a canine, she would be top dog.
If Molly were a yellow dwarf star, she would be the sunshine of your life.

Jonny Weiss '11

Jonny Weiss descends from a dynasty of Jewish a cappella singers and composers. Jonny's brother, David, is Koleinu's former musical director, and his great-great-uncle, Abraham Cadorini, was head musician at the court of Duke Francesco di Modena in the late 1870s, for whom he composed the longest, most difficult known version of Oseh Shalom (which Koleinu now sings, too). Jonny, a bass who aspires to be Nicolas Cage some day, is raising funds to pay for the complex plastic surgery he will need in order to achieve that dramatic change in his physical appearance. In the meantime, he enjoys being Koleinu's new musical director and keeping alive his family's musical legacy.

Jane Dobkin '10

Jane Dobkin hails from the far far away land of Princeton, New Jersey. Although she is majoring in architecture, it is more common to find Jane in bright green pants than black. She marches to the beat of her own drum, choosing to wear a watch around her neck rather than on her wrist. Her secret (or not so secret) ambition in life is to be in High School Musical.

Sophie Gandler '10

Here is Sophie Gandler. She can do lots of things, you can do lots of things too. Hear Sophie sing. Now you sing. See Sophie participate in every theater group on campus. Now you try being a part of every show that goes up at Princeton. Watch Sophie ride her bike. Now you ride your bike... but don't fall off. See Sophie send 30 emails a day. Now you try to find 30 people you can email in one day.

Gustavo Silva-Cano '10

Gustavo is an international crime-fighting force. He spent last semester "studying abroad"--this is how he likes to describe studying the art of arresting and detaining the worst criminals on the face of the earth. He uses his training as a major in the Woodrow Wilson school to guide him in his adventures, and his flowing locks of wondrous brown hair to throw his enemies off balance.

Sarah Dobkin '06

Sarah is the President of Koleinu. She loved Punky Brewster when she was a kid, and wishes it were still on the air (even though Punky would probably be pretty scary looking as an adult). When she is not singing with Koleinu, she volunteers her time tutoring high school students.

Margaret Weiss '06

Josh has a very short attention spa...

Daniella Gitlin '06

Gitlin has been appointed our new court jester. Hee Hee Ha Ha!

Daniela Smolov '06

Daniela is an alto, and doubles as the group's unofficial pitch pipe. If you rub her tummy she'll grant you three wishes.

Scott Welfel '06

Scott isn't really insane, it's everybody else who is insane. He possesses a wacky mix of down-to-earth sincerity, and a certain exuberance that is inspiring and contagious. He also loves Phish.

Jacob Van Naarden '06

Jake hails from Huntington Valley, PA and is a musical theater guy planning to major in molbio. He's a big fan of comic books and Phish, especially in combination.

Nathan Etessami '06

Nathan is the product of a Persian Jew factory centered in Great Neck, NY. When he is not singing with Koleinu, he is playing ultimate under his alias, "Cheech." When he is not playing ultimate, he is fiddling with atoms and molecules. That's it. Sleep and food are reserved for special occasions.

Elisheva Coleman '05

Elisheva is on the phone right now... she does not have time to write a bio!

Laura Ginsberg '05

Laura hails from Baltimore and loves to sing. She is also in the Roaring 20, another coed A Cappella group at Princeton. She is the daughter of a dentist, so make sure you brush your teeth before you meet her, and by all means, do NOT open beer bottles with your teeth in front of her!

Jordana Rothstein '05

Jordana is like an onion. Rub her the wrong way and she'll make you cry, but fry her up with some tomatoes, basil, and garlic and she goes great with pasta.

Leo Lazar '05

Towering at six feet tall and four feet wide, Leo enjoys blowing smoke rings, eating olives, listening to Jimi Hendrix and entertaining his friends with bad impressions of European & Israeli accents.

Josh Burton '05

Josh has a very short attention spa...

Arielle Notterman '04

Arielle is from Beijing, China and speaks 3 different languages. She is also on the Varsity Squash team, and works part-time as a clown at childrens' birthdays and stuff like that.

Janine Jaffe '04

Janine Jaffe is not naked in this picture. She is, in fact, wearing clothing. When Susan began calling her "little soprano" she wondered what the other sopranos are considered--certainly not big.... She is hoping to never have to deal with numbers again (she was an engineer first semester) and is looking forward to a great few years of Comp. Lit. She enjoys hearing shocked friends shriek "YOU HAVE A BAR THROUGH YOUR EAR!" Janine has lived in New Jersey for her entire life and hopes that this summer in the French Alps will make her much much cooler.

Jason Kessler '03

Jason is too busy writing everybody else's bios to write his own!

Steve Feyer '03

When Stephen is around, you'll either laugh 'til you cry, or you'll cry 'til you laugh. ...profound, huh?

Chuck Rozakis '03

Chuck divides his time between Koleinu, the FireHazards, Distractions magazine, PUP, and pretending to do schoolwork. He sings an awful lot, usually at the top of his lungs and while other people are trying to study. He appreciates good food, comfortable shoes, and video games with swords in them. If you're near Edwards hall, feel free to knock on his window, it's the one with Voltron and Optimus Prime in it.

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