All About Our Members

Adriana Rexon '14

Adriana hails from Norwalk, Connecticut. The only thing that Adriana regrets about leaving the Constitution State are the changing leaves during the beautiful season of autumn. Adriana also happens to be a well seasoned equestrian, and has won countless jousting matches at various Medieval County Fairs. In her spare time, Adriana likes to play the contrabassoon (which she has been doing for the past eleven years). Adriana has even performed with the New York Philharmonic, and has been a part of various recordings by John Williams. We welcome Adriana to Koleinu!

Anne-Claire Wang '14

Anne Claire was born in a small village in the south of France, and by age two she was an expert at singing and making crepes. Her bubbliness and clear voice quickly made her the most popular act on that side of the Atlantic, and by age 5 she was a mainstay in Parisian Salons, performing everything from traditional Jewish music to Mulan soundtracks. However, fame soon became hard to handle; it was difficult to sit on the Paris Metro without being compared to the Viva la Anne Claire posters plastered all over. So, at age ten, after completing her European tour of "It's Getting Hot in Here, so Turn on the AC," Anne Claire moved to a country where nobody recognized her: China. She spent her first several years in Beijing pretending to be a nobody, which was hard because of her French accent and her fondness for wearing berets and inviting her friends over for fondue feasts. When she got to Princeton, she finally realized that she could be herself again by joining Koleinu!

Clarissa Wilbur '14

You know how technically Washington D.C. isn't officially part of any state? How Stephen Colbert claims that makes it not a part of the United "States" because of that? In reality, that's just cause Clarissa Wilbur, Mayor of the District of Columbia and 18 year-running Miss Washington D.C., scares all the other states too much. After she developed the newest maple-tapping technology in 1996, New Hampshire lost its title of the producer of the "best maple syrup in the U.S." She out-did Louisiana in jazz, out-knit all of Florida's retired grandmothers, and Silicon Valley moved to her street once she solved the issue of Quantum Computing in 2005. California is, understandably, jealous. So, in a super-secret meeting June 2008, all 50 traditional "states" voted Washington D.C. off the island – the Americas are technically a big island, right? – so Clarissa could stop stealing their champion titles. The only dissenting state was Texas, who hoped to ask Clarissa to replace Rick Perry as Governor and out-do his record execution rate. She politely declined, choosing instead to steal their record for the largest 10-gallon hat.
Drifting casually between academia, musical perfection, and beauty pageant domination whenever she chooses, Clarissa eventually decided to grace the new "States" by accepting Princeton's plea for her enrollment, and has since single-handedly convinced President Tilghman to eliminate grade deflation (for fear every other student would fail). She will be replacing the entire Princeton Football team when we play Harvard, so that we can be sure to win.

Leora Friedman '14

Leora Friedman is a soprano. Much like Bernadette Peters, anything you can do, she can do better. With the face of an angel, she catches everyone's eyes; however, she does not keep this collection in a jar in her closet. No, Leora has always believed in the "catch and release" system when it comes to eyes. In fact, she once wrestled a poacher to the ground to prevent him from keeping some hard-earned, though endangered, rhino eyes. Despite her firm beliefs on eye-catching, her stance on rain remains in doubt. One of her classmates was rumored to have said of her stance on the issue, "When it's raining in Spain, I've noticed a tendency for Leora to show up looking sullen at the grey skies, but making efficient use of the water. It's kind of hard to know what to make of that." When confronted with this fact, she replied, "I don't even.. Did you just say I make efficient use of rainwater?" Well folks that's all the time we have for today. Stay tuned for next time, when we discuss Leora's views of gerbil-generated electricity.

Michael Moses '14

Mike Moses was born on Mt. Sinai in 1992. His pastimes include: breaking tablets, baby basket weaving, relentlessly hunting for the Afi Komen, being a double threat (dancing and acting), time travel, and being an all around straight-up G. His other Princeton activities include rifle club, and the Bodybuilding Association of Delaware (BAD). Mike's really tall and almost the tallest crooner in the group--almost [correction: as of 6/3/2012 Mike is now the tallest member of Koleinu due to a radioactive-laser-pointer-related accident]. Mike hopes to use Koleinu to springboard his career in Zebra husbandry.

Alina Spiegel '15

Alina Spiegel is a sophomoric Sophomore, hailing from Allentown, PA, better known as the Land of Dorney Park. Having lived so close to Dorney, Alina grew up with a fascination of roller coasters and a desire to ride every one in the world. Her current tally stands at 456/10,237, but she insists the 5 roller coasters built in Antartica don't really count. She has a obsession with the mystical art of spoon-bending, whose known practitioners include Neo from the Matrix, and while on a journey to Tibet to ride a good 50 coasters she stopped by the Guru of Bending's Palace to master the art, an attempt that took a good 3 years of her life. Fantastically, she has succeeded at the endeavor and the next you time you bump into her, you should ask her to bend a spoon for you. No, go on, ask. She loves it.

Cal Peyser '15

Cal Peyser is a fantastic, all-knowing singing and composing machine from the great state of New York where he has personified its motto "Ever upward" since the age of three when he first managed to climb onto his home's roof. Since then he has cleverly managed to overcome all obstacles in the pursuit of scaling the Empire State Building, the Parthenon, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the Grad College Tower. Cal enjoys the company of zubats, Alaskans, and absolutely anyone named Daniel, Danielle, Dan, Danny, etc. Cal bakes countless muffins with sprinkles, writes little fugues, hopes to become a professional telepath, and is a fantastically enthusiastic member of Koleinu.

Chris McIlwaine '15

Known for his dashing smile, the posh New Yorker Chris McIlwaine was hired by Koleinu as a full-time Fashion Analyst in Spring 2012. He is the 3th biological son of Cameron Diaz. Graduating from the London College of Fashion at the age of 7, Chris created a wedding dress out of Hallmark cards for his senior project, which is currently on display in MoMA. He is still unsure about his post-graduation plans--he will either accept a job offer for CEO at Banana Republic or return to the Brookhaven National Laboratory to create a scarf out of cosmic radiation. But for now, he is just focusing on schoolwork and his design of a yamaka that can play the first pitches of whatever Koleinu song the wearer is thinking of.

David Fridovich-Keil '15

David Fridovich-Keil is a sophomore from Decatur, Georgia. He suffers from a severe case of Arachibutyrophobia (the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one’s mouth) and thus has devoted his life to the eradication of this pale brown substance. He came close in High School when he invented a time machine and transported himself (along with a truckload of pink highlighters) to 1880 Iowa and strived in vain to convince George Washington Carver to bury his invention. The Lifetime original movie based on this experience, which starred Kim Kardashian, Al Gore and Suri Cruise, has since sold 5,367,892,413.2 copies on DVD. Roger Ebert called it “the nuttiest movie of the year.” When not battling the evil powers of this brownish oily paste, David plays clarinet, engineers stuff, guides tours around Princeton and sings.

Jonathan Frankle '14

Jonathan is the wicked, wild webmaster of Koleinu. He's also a devilishly dynamic dancer, terrifically terrifying trapeze artist, and a ninja. Jonathan has been described as "having rather short hair," and was recently spotted eating lunch at Wilcox. At the tender age of four, Jonathan defeated a rabid grizzly bear in a battle for turf, and since then has been known far and wide as "the man who defeated a rabid grizzly bear." At Ellis Island, Jonathan's family name was shortened from "Frankfutterpickle" to "Frankle," but those who have read his autobiography, "One Man Against a Rabid Grizzly Bear," know that he prefers to be called by his original name. He also responds to his middle name, which is Guilliburt. Guilliburt has told sources that he hopes to one day hack into the mainframe of the United States government, and to take over the world with threats of nuclear war [...only threats?]. But the reader of this bio is advised not to tell anybody about this plot, as Jonathan Guilliburt Frankfutterpickle is a ninja, and has recently threatened the author with the ominous words "revenge will be had." [This bio has been modified slightly to conform to MLA standards. Since Jonathan controls the internet, he exercises the right to modify these bios whenever he feels like it.]

Molly Fisch-Friedman '16

Molly Fisch-Friedman is a Freshwoman from Princeton Junction, New Jersey - it is said in the Garden State Chronicles that on the night of her birth, a star in the shape of a tomato fell from the skies towards Princeton University, and the people hailed the birth of a star and made tomato the official state vegetable of New Jersey. When Molly was four, she decided that kindergarden was too easy, and went to the Board of Trustees to ask for a special admission to the university. Though the Board found Molly to be exceptionally impressive in every regard, they decided that her awesomeness might cause the other Princetonians to feel insecure, and decided to offer her delayed admission on a condition that she stay on the other side of Route 1 until she was as old as other incoming freshmen. She then demanded a token of this offer, which was realized in the Dinky, which was to be Molly's private train between Princeton and her home. However, students from Forbes were starting to feel insecure about themselves and started applying for transfer to other schools whenever Molly danced 5 miles away, so the university made Lake Carnegie to insulate her awesomeness. Molly plans on saving New Jersey from itself when she graduates.

Sarah Jacobs '16

Once upon a time, Sarah Jacobs was born into a posh and wealthy circus family. Sarah was blessed with the gift of having double jointed arms, which brought her much wealth and good fortune. However, Sarah decided that the circus life was not for her. She moved to Tibet to become a mountain climber, a profession that came naturally to her due to her double jointed elbows. Sarah became the youngest person to climb Mount Keverest, Mount Everest's little known cousin. While living in Tibet, Sarah resided among the monks, where she learned the beautiful art of singing. Sarah didn't feel quite at home in Tibet, so she packed up her belongings and hopped on a plane to Princeton, where she was warmly accepted into Koleinu for her many talents.

Warren Bein '17

After making the great trek over from Connecticut, Warren has decided to rekindle his singing career as a tenor/baritone/bass for Koleinu. In his free time, Warren enjoys frolicking through the fields like a graceful gazelle, and taking long naps when he's done. His other hobbies include comparing himself to the skyscrapers of NYC and convincing himself that he's almost as tall. Warren's tall stature and gingy hair set him apart from the crowd, but let us not forget his many talents. These include his perfect pitch (we're not always off), his natural ability to sing dark (even on solos), and teach himself the arrangements quicker than anyone else. We are so glad he joined!

Hillel Friedman '17

Hillel Friedman ambled his way over to Koleinu from the village of Lawrence, New York, and hasn't looked back. (He knows from what befell Lot's wife, of course, that this would have been a bad move -- transforming into a pillar of salt doesn't cut it as Hillel's ideal form of self-actualization.) In his spare time, Hillel finds joy in Sedgeway birdwatching, Futhark-language Sunday crossword puzzles, and men's rhythmic gymnastics. It is also a little known fact that he is the namesake for -- you guessed it -- Hillel, the very foundation for Jewish campus life and programming at most every college. Way to go, Hillel! He aspires one day to travel to every country in the world beginning in the letter "I," while practicing as a roving tutor in the art of spelunking and writing poetry about string theory. He bears no relation to another scintillating member of Koleinu, Molly Fisch-Friedman, but he assures us all that they are still very close kin on a spiritual level. We are all ecstatic to have him on board.

Lily Gellman '17

Lily Gellman comes from the great city of New York. She highly values equality, so much so that it’s her middle name! Although she’s spent most of her life in New York, in the year before she joined Koleinu, Lily moved to South Tel Aviv, where she became a member of the Shin Bet, the elite intelligence unit. Because of this intense job, Lily traveled to the far-off reaches of desert and jungle and learned various languages including Twi and Aramaic. After her formative experience in the Israeli slums, Lily moved on to Wilson College, the slums of Princeton, where she dabbles in world domination, South Pacific dance, and sumo wrestling. We’re so excited to have Lily in Koleinu!

Mallika Viswanath '17

Mallika hails from the far away land of Teaneck, New Jersey, where she lived on a cooperative farm. Her role was feeding the chickens and hens and tending to the herb garden. At a young age, she discovered that by singing to the herbs, she could make them grow faster, so she often sang to them, until one day, one of the bean sprouts shot up from the ground and went all the way up into the sky. She decided to climb the beanstalk, and it took her to a mysterious man in a tuxedo who told her that she had a beautiful voice. He then told her that she would go to Princeton and be a glorious alto in Koleinu, and, well, the rest is history.

Rachel Xu '17

Rachel Xu is the only member of the alternative a cappella group Koli (translation “my voice”) where she sings alto, soprano, bass, and trombone; at the same time. When she is not practicing for her four voice solos, Rachel curiously designs knewbie arch posters for her rival group Koleinu. Maybe her background will shed some light on these interesting facts. Rachel is the only female member of an elite group of Tahitian monks that can sing up to 7 voice parts simultaneously. Her other talents include elephant taming and spontaneous Nutella creation, but Rachel does not like to discuss these things. We hope that one day Rachel will bring her talents to Koleinu. Oh wait. I just received news that Rachel has joined Koleinu! Awesome! Nutella for all of us!

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