All About Our Members

Feifei Liu '16

Yunfei “Feifei” (狒狒) Liu was born into an impoverished family in the rural Southern Chinese province of Singalong during the early Tang Dynasty (~630 AD). At age four, his parents became fed up with his inability to produce sufficient annual crop yields, and subsequently sold him to the imperial court as a potential eunuch for 23 pieces of silver. By the age of seven, however, Feifei’s voice had already dropped so low that the court aristocrats spared him from castration, as they concluded that no physical alterations to his body could ever have made him equipped to sing in Emperor Taizong’s eunuch boys’ choir. Since Feifei’s kind and gentle personality also rendered him unfit for serving in the imperial army, it was ultimately decided that he would be made an explorer. Feifei sailed all the way to Equatorial Guinea and back, but ultimately returned to China with no gold, and was thus banished by the dragon gods to some unknown point in the far future on the opposite side of the earth. After landing on Princeton’s campus in September of 2014, Feifei was quickly abducted by Koleinu in order to serve as a desperately-needed bassist after he was heard snoring a low C while taking a nap on Cannon Green. He still neither speaks nor understands a word of English, which has remained a challenge for Koleinu members.

Molly Fisch-Friedman '16

Molly Fisch-Friedman is a Freshwoman from Princeton Junction, New Jersey - it is said in the Garden State Chronicles that on the night of her birth, a star in the shape of a tomato fell from the skies towards Princeton University, and the people hailed the birth of a star and made tomato the official state vegetable of New Jersey. When Molly was four, she decided that kindergarden was too easy, and went to the Board of Trustees to ask for a special admission to the university. Though the Board found Molly to be exceptionally impressive in every regard, they decided that her awesomeness might cause the other Princetonians to feel insecure, and decided to offer her delayed admission on a condition that she stay on the other side of Route 1 until she was as old as other incoming freshmen. She then demanded a token of this offer, which was realized in the Dinky, which was to be Molly's private train between Princeton and her home. However, students from Forbes were starting to feel insecure about themselves and started applying for transfer to other schools whenever Molly danced 5 miles away, so the university made Lake Carnegie to insulate her awesomeness. Molly plans on saving New Jersey from itself when she graduates.

Sarah Jacobs '16

Once upon a time, Sarah Jacobs was born into a posh and wealthy circus family. Sarah was blessed with the gift of having double jointed arms, which brought her much wealth and good fortune. However, Sarah decided that the circus life was not for her. She moved to Tibet to become a mountain climber, a profession that came naturally to her due to her double jointed elbows. Sarah became the youngest person to climb Mount Keverest, Mount Everest's little known cousin. While living in Tibet, Sarah resided among the monks, where she learned the beautiful art of singing. Sarah didn't feel quite at home in Tibet, so she packed up her belongings and hopped on a plane to Princeton, where she was warmly accepted into Koleinu for her many talents.

Warren Bein '17

After making the great trek over from Connecticut, Warren has decided to rekindle his singing career as a tenor/baritone/bass for Koleinu. In his free time, Warren enjoys frolicking through the fields like a graceful gazelle, and taking long naps when he's done. His other hobbies include comparing himself to the skyscrapers of NYC and convincing himself that he's almost as tall. Warren's tall stature and gingy hair set him apart from the crowd, but let us not forget his many talents. These include his perfect pitch (we're not always off), his natural ability to sing dark (even on solos), and teach himself the arrangements quicker than anyone else. We are so glad he joined!

Hillel Friedman '17

Hillel Friedman ambled his way over to Koleinu from the village of Lawrence, New York, and hasn't looked back. (He knows from what befell Lot's wife, of course, that this would have been a bad move -- transforming into a pillar of salt doesn't cut it as Hillel's ideal form of self-actualization.) In his spare time, Hillel finds joy in Sedgeway birdwatching, Futhark-language Sunday crossword puzzles, and men's rhythmic gymnastics. It is also a little known fact that he is the namesake for -- you guessed it -- Hillel, the very foundation for Jewish campus life and programming at most every college. Way to go, Hillel! He aspires one day to travel to every country in the world beginning in the letter "I," while practicing as a roving tutor in the art of spelunking and writing poetry about string theory. He bears no relation to another scintillating member of Koleinu, Molly Fisch-Friedman, but he assures us all that they are still very close kin on a spiritual level. We are all ecstatic to have him on board.

Ethan Gordon '17

Ethan Gordon is a singer of the finest stock Koleinu has to offer. Son of A.D. and commissioner Gordon, Ethan makes a strong impression on everyone he meets, on both music lovers and audiophobes, Jews and Gentiles, homo sapiens and cows alike. He makes Pavarotti look like Kesha.

Tamar Novetsky '17

Tamar Novetsky hails from the great state of New Jersey. From intensively studying Inuit throat singing to mastering the cries of the ancient Himalayan warrior, Tamar has always proven that she stands out above the rest. Being cultured and well-groomed, Tamar will only allow herself to eat food from cultures whose language she is fluent in, encouraging herself to embark on a lifelong quest for knowledge. Due to her desire to learn many languages, Tamar has sought out ways to go beyond typical human capacities; for the past six months, Tamar has been living in the forest, learning to speak with the animals and referring to herself as "Dances With Wolves." She also likes waffles. We are so glad she's in Koleinu!

Mallika Viswanath '17

Mallika hails from the far away land of Teaneck, New Jersey, where she lived on a cooperative farm. Her role was feeding the chickens and hens and tending to the herb garden. At a young age, she discovered that by singing to the herbs, she could make them grow faster, so she often sang to them, until one day, one of the bean sprouts shot up from the ground and went all the way up into the sky. She decided to climb the beanstalk, and it took her to a mysterious man in a tuxedo who told her that she had a beautiful voice. He then told her that she would go to Princeton and be a glorious alto in Koleinu, and, well, the rest is history.

Rachel Xu '17

Rachel Xu is the only member of the alternative a cappella group Koli (translation “my voice”) where she sings alto, soprano, bass, and trombone; at the same time. When she is not practicing for her four voice solos, Rachel curiously designs knewbie arch posters for her rival group Koleinu. Maybe her background will shed some light on these interesting facts. Rachel is the only female member of an elite group of Tahitian monks that can sing up to 7 voice parts simultaneously. Her other talents include elephant taming and spontaneous Nutella creation, but Rachel does not like to discuss these things. We hope that one day Rachel will bring her talents to Koleinu. Oh wait. I just received news that Rachel has joined Koleinu! Awesome! Nutella for all of us!

Avichai Bass '18

When Avichai Ozur Soprano was born in the little town of Potomac, Maryland, he belted out a perfect C2 within an hour, and the name was quickly changed! Determined to live up to his American locale, Avi began to learn everything he could about our US presidents, including the exact weight of William Howard Taft and the names Washington gave to every individual false tooth. Recognizing his genius, he was sent as an ambassador to Senegal, where he quickly rose in popularity and was elected as their first Jewish President in 2014. After leading the country into an new age of prosperity with only a year in office, Avi stepped down and returned to Princeton to study his favorite president, Woody Wilson, and sing with his favorite A Cappella group, Koleinu!

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